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Zhenjiang Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd.

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Dryer leak plugging

Experienced team on dryer leak plugging         technology

Can block domestic and imported dryers with         specifications from Φ500 to 3600

Dryer leak plugging sealant can withstand         temperature as high as 200℃

We have numerous clients in China as well Africa

Dryer leak plugging

Plugging can be carried out without stopping         production

Can deal with leakage on straight pipe, elbow,         3-pipe, flange, valve, and etc.

Can deal with leak point with temperature at 600℃         and pressure at 16Mpa

Has rich experience, and the service range covers         the whole country

Dryer leak plugging

The company has developed the fourth-generation         dryer spraying materials

Coating strength after spraying can reach 50Mpa         and hardness can reach HRC45

To increase paper quality and smoothness

Less scraper abrasion after spraying, high speed         and output

||Our Customers Are All Over The World|

——Offer the papermaking enterprises excellent services

Set twenty years of practical experience for the paper-making enterprises

Zhenjiang Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a sci-tech entity that engages in technical research and technical service for dryer leak plugging in papermaking, power plant leak plugging, and dryer spraying repair. The company has intermediate and senior research backbones and highly-qualified service personnel. Hengxing is divided into department of dryer leak plugging technology, department of power plant leak plugging technology, department of dryer spraying technology, logistics department, and etc. We have established service agencies in the country for offering clients effective services.

Since 1996, the company has dealt with more than 10,000 dryers for over 1,500 papermaking enterprises in China.....


||Our Customers Are All Over The World|

Our customers are all over the world



The company has fixed or movable service networks, thus it can offer the clinets effective services


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