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Zhenjiang Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd.


ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification and Maintenance Certificate for Special Equipment


With dozens of senior scientific and technical personnel engaged in research plugging ten teams are equipped with sophisticated equipment and communications tools dozen well-trained and experienced staff plugging leaks successfully processed a total of ten years has reached five thousand dryer surface

Has a dispatch center, electrical connection can be immediately set out of the bus has been set up eight branches in the country nearest to provide services in a timely manner to adjust the latest technology team interludes in place within the fastest one hour general good three hours plugging leakage Dryer

Dryer plugging reliable quality meet the requirements of normal production and extend the life of non-disclosure of records exceeded twelve years after the blocking has been established with more than three hundred long-term customer relations and technical services insist tracking service, timely return visit to collect usage information

Save time with both driving down both hot plugging block production effort --- not open manhole machine without removing any parts worry --- a good blocking ease of use quality three-year warranty and money --- preferential charges customers avoid loss of production


The company has fixed or movable service networks, thus it can offer the clinets effective services


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